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What is Tracktl




Tracktl Pro

What is Tracktl ?


Start Your Trackparty

Create your own party on computer or with the mobile app. Customize it in the settings and plug the speakers.


Invite your friends

Everybody can join with the app or from your party URL. They can add and vote for their favorite tracks.


Your Party Is Live On TV

Don't forget to plug your computer to a screen to display the TV mode and bring your Trackparty to a whole new level of fun.

Main Features

Millions of Songs

You have access to streaming libraries such as Deezer, Youtube and Soundcloud.


Before adding a song to a Tracklist, you can listen to it and check if it is the perfect one

Wall Post

You can post messages that will be displayed on the TV Mode

Privacy Settings

You can create private or public parties, according to your mood


Once played, every song is stored in the historic so you can find it later

No Need To Download

From the party URL, you can join any Trackparty without downloading the app

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For Events

For Venues

On Demand

If our free plan is not enough, we surely have the pack that will match your needs

More Infos

They are talking about us

Tracktl, the first #socialmusic website.


Ibiza meets #android thanks to @tracktl app.


@tracktl or how to stop fighting around the speakers !


This is what I will use for my 30 years old birthday.


@tracktl, Best Party Ever #BPE


What a fun and collaborative app for your parties !


@tracktl rocks the social live jukebox space.


I don’t even know why nobody has thought about it sooner !


Your service @tracktl is simply awesome !!!


Great idea ! Everybody can be the party DJ.


My friends, I am telling you : @tracktl sounds fucking good.


Bar owners, how long before @tracktl becomes the normal ?


Our Side Projects

Son of Sneakers

Tracktl was a sponsor of Son of Sneakers 2015, the true and only french festival on Sneakers culture in Paris

A Happier Morning

In this video, we want to show how effortless it is to make people have a good time on a subway, even in Paris...


Every week, Tracktl and Vinci Autoroutes let you choose the music that will be played on the french radio 107.7

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